Saturday, June 30, 2012

photo | dslr | june twelve

mp3 | the antlers | drift dive

"drift dive" is the first single to hit the internets from the antlers' upcoming full length undersea. it's sonic bliss. goes without saying, but i couldn't be more excited for their new album which is set to release july 24 through anti- records (july 30 for europe via transgressive).

update: (right click, save link as) download available here via our friends at bestnewtracks.

Friday, June 29, 2012

mp3 | jj | high summer

one of many releases neglected during our downtime over the past month, jj's high summer surfaced as a free digital ep about a week ago. as they tend to do, the swedish duo jj have delivered once more with a delicate, subtle five-track mix. stream the opening track "high summer" above and download (right click, save link as) the ep in it's entirety here courtesy of the folks at sincerely yours.

while we're at it, if you missed this must-have from their kills ep, do yourself a favor and stream below, then immediately download (right click, save link as) jj's rework, "still" right here via gorillasvbear. if you're a fan of chronic 2001, it should sound familiar.

mp3 | jj | still

mp3 | cat power | ruin

admittedly, cat power's chan marshall has been off my would-be music radar since 2006's the greatest lp. six years and two severely underwhelming album releases later and she's managed to drop what is easily one of her better tracks in recent history.  "ruin" is the first (and uncharacteristically bright) single from her upcoming full-length sun.  without being overly optimistic, marshall seems like she could be on the right track.  stream above and download (right click, save link as) here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

photo | dslr | june twelve

mp3 | frank ocean | pyramids

frank ocean has been a key player in the (formerly) grassroots movement to revive and reinvent modern r&b. the release of his debut mixtape nostalgia early last year combined with the works of artists like the weeknd and how to dress well has managed to carve out a significant niche, that while never dead, had receded into relative obscurity.  the scene is in full swing now and with tracks like "pyramids," it's not hard to understand why. a lengthy journey of r&b brilliance, pitchfork nailed it when they wrote: "the song's a 10-minute r&b event, traveling from club banger ancient egypt... to the slow jam strip club."  ocean's upcoming full-length, channel orange is slated for a july 17 release date via def jam and as always, stream the new single above or download it (right click, save link as) here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

stream | video | fleetwood mac best coast | rhiannon | live

stream | best coast | rhiannon | fleetwood mac cover

maybe you've heard of stevie nicks.  maybe you've heard of super-babes. maybe you've heard of amazing live performances from 1979. likely have a hard time being won over by best coast's new cover knowing how unreal the original is.  though, being compared to one of the most talented singers of all time is hardly fair and best coast offers an honest effort; the reverence in her voice is endearing. one of many tributes included on the upcoming just tell me that you want me : a tribute to fleetwood mac, due august 14. give best coast's rendition a sample below and be sure to note the stacked tracklist.  dreams unwind, love's a state of mind.



stream | lykke li | silver springs | fleetwood mac cover

01 lee ranaldo band feat. j mascis: "albatross" 
02 antony: "landslide" 
03 trixie whitley: "before the beginning" 
04 billy gibbons & co.: "oh well" 
05 best coast: "rhiannon" 
06 the new pornographers: "think about me" 
07 marianne faithfull: "angel" 
08 lykke li: "silver springs" 
09 karen elson: "gold dust woman" 
10 matt sweeney and bonnie 'prince' billy: "storms" 
11 washed out: "straight back" 
12 tame impala: "that's all for everyone" 
13 craig wedren with st. vincent: "sisters of the moon" 
14 the kills: "dreams" 
15 gardens & villa: "gypsy" 
16 the crystal ark: "tusk" 
17 mgmt: "future games"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

mp3 | nas | the don | massive attack rework

new track from the uk's massive attack features a rework of nas' "the don." we'll be giving nas' upcoming full-length a lookin' at later this week, but first things first: this here remix was released but a few days back and it's already beyond blown up. another sure-hit from massive attack -- imagine that.  it's pretty good.  meanwhile, nas' life is good is set for a july 17 release date via def jam records, and seems to show some real promise. stream up there, download (right click, save link as) right here. merry tuesday.

mp3 | clams casino | palace instrumental // mixtape 2

clams casino has become a hiphop staple.  the prolific, new jersey based producer has been breathing life into the genre for quite some time and while his second mixtape is comprised mostly of tracks you (should) have already heard, they offer a unique - if not entrancing - listening as mastered instrumentals.  stream "palace," sans a$ap rocky above, download the track (right click, save link as) here or just follow this link (via the artists twitter -- not as sketch as it seems) and download the mixtape in it's entirety.

Monday, June 25, 2012

video | julia holter | our sorrows

mp3 | freddie gibbs & madlib | shame

produced by bj the chicago kid, "shame" is the flagship track from the recently released ep by the same name, a collaborative work by freddie gibbs and madlib. give the single a download (right click, save link as) here and buy the ep via stones throw.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

dslr | may twelve

video | twin shadow | five seconds

i've had twin shadow's "five seconds" on blast since it's release almost two months ago. whether it deserves the attention or is simply taking advantage of my unconditional love of 80's music remains to be seen. the track got a video. released last week, it's based on the novel "night of the silver sun" by george lewis jr (twin shadow, basically) and directed by keith musil.  click that "previously" below for original post, including a download link.

previously on butyouwould >>

Saturday, June 23, 2012

mp3 | donnie & joe emerson | baby

it's been a while, but we're back and ready to hit the ground running.  i apologize for the extended absence; computers are nuts.  during our downtime, there have been dozens of top-notch releases, but one would be hard pressed to find a better (re)launch point than this soulful, blue-eyed gem from 1979.  donnie & joe emerson released their dreamin' wild lp over thirty years ago, with "baby" being written by donnie when he was seventeen. when we were seventeen we were totering trash cans and yelling at people downtown. ariel pink's haunted graffiti has also recorded a faithful rendition with guest vocals from dâm-funk which will be included on their recently announced mature themes lp, set for an august 21 release. meanwhile, donnie & joe's dreamin' wild, has been remastered and is being reissued by light in the attic next week. yes!  give the original a download (right click, save link as) here.