Sunday, December 30, 2012

mp3 | yo la tengo | ohm

the first time i heard yo la tengo's 1997 cut, "green arrow," i immediately considered all of their music i'd missed and all that was bound to follow. the new jersey based group have a new full-length slated for a january 14 release, with "ohm," the second single from the upcoming fade album, demonstrating quintessential yo la tengo.  the track serves not only as a testament to the technical talent of the band, but also speaks to their ability to evolve and steer clear of stagnation - a feat that's all the more impressive when you consider they've been making music for the past twenty-eight years. while "ohm" didn't illicit quite the same, and often earth-shattering response of it's predecessors in myself, it's likely i've simply grown disenchanted and bitter.  you tell me, stream above and (right click, save link as) download here.

Friday, December 28, 2012

mp3 | dent may | 2099

dent may, the mississippi man, started gaining recognition leading up to his debut 2009 full-length release, the good feeling music of dent may and his magnificent ukulele. more recently - last week - he dropped "2099," an apocalyptic dance jam, just in time for the rapidly approaching end of 2012. with the inherent stress and complications of the holiday season, there's been a bit of a lull around here and various music communities across the webz, but passing up a track as pertinent as this one wouldn't make any sense. stream the only new-year's jam you need above and grab that (right click, save link as) download here.

Monday, December 17, 2012

mp3 | father john misty | hollywood forever cemetery sings

josh tillman, drummer of the indomitable fleet foxes, released the first single to his solo album fear fun back in january. "hollywood forever cemetery sings" would see an official release the following may and would come to represent just a small piece of an ultimately exceptional album. tillman, or father john misty as it were, has been producing music since 2003 and the extent of his experience and expertise is readily evident throughout much of his work.  go ahead and check out the better-late-than-never stream above and grab the (right click, save link as) download here via our would-be friends at rollo & grady.

Friday, December 14, 2012

mp3 | calvin love | magic hearts

winters tend to do strange things to people. fortunately, some less than others. when it's cold here, i endlessly browse the same cycle of tired websites and indulge in offensive amounts of napping. canada's calvin love on the other hand, creates music: songs by the name of "magic hearts" and albums he names new radar. whatever floats your boat, calvin. new radar was released last month, and tonight's featured track was the album's first and only single. give the laid-back, bedroom-pop a stream above and (right click, save link as) download here. track by way of randolph.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

mp3 | phosphorescent | song for zula

new track from matthew houck, the man behind phosphorescent. "song for zula" is the first single to surface from the forthcoming muchacho album, houck's seventh full-length -- which is set for a march 19 release date. jayson greene of pitchfork put it nicely when he said:

at every step of the way, he's sounded dazed, trembling, and awestruck: his voice, a small, hiccupping drawl, is a fragile instrument with a thousand built-in soul catches, and he hits every single one like a drunk tumbling down a staircase.

stream the track above and expect an update, of sorts.

UPDATE: for now, go ahead and (right click, save link as) download here.

mp3 | gap dream | 58th st. fingers

we've got another rock and roll man out of cleveland on the loose. that's two in as many days, what're the odds. gabe fulvimar, the man behind gap dream, recently released his self-titled debut album, and it rules. there's bound to be comparisons to the likes of real estate and the usual perpetrators of the chilled-rock we've become so accustomed to, but the bedroom-based musician deftly creates a sound his own that's as rewarding as it is accessible.  click the album image on the left to head over to the artists bandcamp where you can stream the album in its entirety.  preview the first track, "58th st. fingers," above and (right click, save link as) download here.

mp3 | chvrches | the mother we share

chvrches, the fancy, 21st century spelling of the word "churches," is a scottish band most of you have heard of by now. their mega-hit "the mother we share" has been tearing up the internet scene since its release a couple months ago. the trio based out of glasgow definitely didn't invent or even perfect synth-pop, but the vocals of lead singer, lauren mayberry, go a long way to set them apart from an otherwise congested crowd. also, if you haven't already heard it, be sure to check out the miaoux miaoux remix on their soundcloud. stream "the mother we share" above and snag that (right click, save link as) download here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

mp3 | cloud nothings | stay useless

another oldie-but-goodie (january of this year) from your friendz at butyouwould. cloud nothing's story is one we're all familiar with: indie music man living in his parent's basement creates garage rock band, blows up on the blogger and pitchfork scene and starts makin' big dog moves. the eighteen-year-old dylan baldi from cleveland, ohio blew up after the release of his first full-length, attack on memory, hit the interwebs and has been ballin' ever since.  more or less.  the cut "stay useless" hits close to home and serves as an anthem for both the progress and stagnation of an otherwise lost generation. it's also just a cool track. stream it above and grab the (right click, save link as) download here.
one may have a blazing hearth in one's soul, and yet no one comes to sit by it. passersby see only a wisp of smoke rising from the chimney, and continue on their way.

mp3 | tops | diamond look

with the world's blogger-nerds collectively posting their "best of 2012's," we can't help but feel it's mandatory we finally acknowledge one of our most glaring oversights of the year: canada's four-member ensemble, tops, released their debut lp tender opposites back in february. the album is host to a number of great tracks, with "diamond look" stealing the show.  the song also managed to be one of our most played tracks of the year, yet failed to appear on the blog.  do us both a favor and right our wrong by immediately streaming the pop-wonder above and grabbing the (right click, save link as) download here via fuck yeah! go team!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

mp3 | fidlar | no waves

if finals week were a prison, fidlar would be the ice cream truck full of beer and cigarettes that backed through your cell wall and drove you down to tijuana for the weekend. things have been a lot less rock and roll around here lately, and fidlar's (that is, fuck it, dog -- life's a risk) "no waves" goes a long way to remedy the situation. the los angeles based garage band got their first taste of fame back in september when pitchfork featured (right click, save link as) "cheap beer" on their best new tracks section. the cut's not bad, but their earlier work is better.  stream the a-side from march's self-titled 7" above and (right click, save link as) download here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

photo | dslr | august twelve

planet of the cody's: return of the rise of the planet of the cody mans

mp3 | white denim | darlene

while browsing through gorillavsbear's recently published 'songs of 2012,' i noticed white denim's "darlene" made the list, and placed rather well, too.  rightfully so.  i've intended to post the track for as long as i care to remember, but ran into a few complications with soundcloud and was unable to do so - until tonight.  while the song is hardly new, it earned it's spot when it debuted about four months back as a track of the month contender.  it also deserves a revisiting for you nerds who have forgotten how much you've missed it.  without further adieu, stream the gem above and snag that (right click, save link as) download here.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

mp3 | love inks | blackeye

the trio out of austin, love inks, released their debut lp e.s.p last year and have been relatively quiet since. fortunately, they've left behind jangly-pop gems like "blackeye," whose production is centered around a very calculated and deliberate style, a reflection of the band's minimalist approach. in their own words:

we are a family, and in some ways stronger because we are always supportive. the album reflects a time and place for everyone in the band. a time to pare down to what is necessary, essential. cut out complexity, and you’ll find a deeper layer that is thicker and stronger. like the human body, you’ll eventually end up at a nerve; once it’s hit, that’s when we know we’re there, and that’s when we press the record button. 

it's a long-winded answer for such an ostensibly straightforward track.  stream e.s.p's first single above and (right click, save link as) download here.  heads up via randolph.

mp3 | benzel | fallin' love | demo

it took a great deal of work (clicking) to dig up anything on these youngsters. fortunately, i eventually stumbled upon a jackpot of a bio via their soundcloud:

benzel is umi takahashi (15) and yoko watanabe (16). originally from osaka; umi and yoko both traveled to new york through their local foreign exchange program. they met in early 2012 through an online message board about ankle socks and quickly discovered they each had a profound appreciation for 90's r&b and j. dilla. after many failed attempts to create a hypoallergenic ankle sock, they decided to put their efforts toward other creative ventures. following hours of soul searching; they decided to start benzel...they've been working on it since yesterday.

could've done without the socks business. the duo also collaborated with jessie ware on "if you love me." you can check it out here, stream "fallin' love" above and grab the (right click, save link as) download here.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

mp3 | big boi featuring little dragon | mama told me

the new full-length from big boi is slated for release next week -- december 11, more accurately. the album, vicious lies and dangerous rumors, boasts a diverse set of admittedly unexpected collaborations including contributions from phantogram, wavves and little dragon on this cut, "mama told me." the track employs a solid and consistent delivery and flow from big boi while sealing the deal with an indulgent and addictive hook from the talented (and foine) yukimi nagano of little dragon. be sure to keep an eye out for the new album next week, and in the meantime, you can always stream above and (right click, save link as) download here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

mp3 | chromatics | ceremony | new order cover

another new track from the unstoppable chromatics, this time taking the form of a sprawling rendition of new order's "ceremony."  the track's lifted from johnny jewel's recently posted black & white / a mix for autumn.  the band man had this to say:

"perfect weather for locking yourself in the studio with a synthesizer & your favorite records...i put together a collage of songs that, for one reason or another... always remind me of autumn."

being a fan of joy division and new order, i dig this deal, big time.  if you want to be a stickler, you might argue that the song is technically a joy division cover, but who has the time for semantics in this fast-paced, blogger-nerd society.  the track also features contributions from label-mate, ida no of glass candy.  stream the beautifully realized "ceremony" above and give it a (right click, save link as) download here.

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photo | dslr | august twelve

between our ghosts, we'll never make it off the west coast

mp3 | beach fossils | careless

a new single from beach fossils' upcoming album, clash the truth, started bouncing around the web yesterday. the track's called "careless" and i'm too tired to think straight.  it's not a cop-out, it's freal.  let me know what you think and i'll update after class. the new album is slated for a february 19 release. you guys know how to do this: stream the track above and give her a (right click, save link as) download here.

mp3 | flume | star eyes

this guy's a real upstart. harley "flume" streten, the twenty-year-old aussie producer, has been slangin cuts since he was thirteen. using some junk he found in a cereal box.  it looks like he already has a considerable following, so it's possible we're peddling old news here, but it's the first we've seen of him. whatever the case, kid's got some nice beats. freal. "star eyes" is the latest single off his self-titled debut album, which is out now digitally.  it's pretty cool. the guy's sitting on a goddamn goldmine. stream above and (right click, save link as) download here.

UPDATE: if yall are into it, go ahead and grab the topnotch "sleepless" while you're at it.  also featured on the track is jezzabell doran.  (right click, save link as) download here.

mp3 | the black keys | dearest | buddy holly cover

we'll just assume you guys already know of both the black keys and buddy holly.  but maybe yall missed their mashup? it's less of a mashup and more of a cover.  it's just a cover.  "dearest" is the opening track from 2011's compilation and tribute album rave on buddy holly.  the track is real nice and serves as an ideal way to wind-down an otherwise shit night.  it's also not a bad song to wake up. stream above and (right click, save link as) download here.  track by way of the randolph.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

mp3 | widowspeak | ballad of the golden hour

"ballad of the golden hour," the first single from widowspeak's upcoming, almanac, surfaced last month. the new album is set for a january 22 release date and since it's stated it so emphatically: jayson greene via pitchfork:

"... widowspeak treat their softly lit guitars like a dreamy glucose drip, and the song's edges are so cottony that the song's subtle dynamic build and effortless dilation from chorus to verse to extended jam to unexpected coda might not hit you until the ninth or tenth listen."

i would've just said the song was nice.  but whatever floats your boat.  stream the track above and (right click, save link as) download here.

stream | ducktails | letter of intent

new single from ducktails' upcoming the flower lane ep was released yesterday. the track marks a pretty big departure from the matt mondanile we've come to know and love, featuring both ford & lopatin on synth and bass respectively. alongside their input, there's also the guest vocals of jessa farkas. let's say this: if anyone can pull off a transition of this nature and hit the ground running, it's mondanile.  the cut rules! the flower lane is out january 29; mark your nerd calendars my nerd friendz.  check out the stream above and we'll keep our eyes out for a legit download.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

photo | dslr | october twelve

moonwalk - when you were younger, stompin' through the jungle

Monday, December 3, 2012

mp3 | dude york | the lake

dude york, the trio out of seattle, washington, are self-proclaimed perpetrators of "fast r&b" and "teenpop anthems" --  it's a description we could get behind. the group's been around since 2011, with three albums under their belt. the lake ep is their most recent release, having hit the interweb back in september.  the track sharing the same title is good, clean, addictive fun, demanding a few listens through. check out the stream above and (right click, save link as) download here.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

photo | dslr | october twelve

mp3 | maths time joy | let go

london-based producer maths time joy is a relatively new kid on the block, with his second ep, hideaway hitting the internet last month via lftf. immediate comparisons to james blake and perhaps even shlohmo are abound, but the 22 year old englishman manages to create something slightly divergent and entirely worth listening to -- specifically suited for a rainy and otherwise dreary sunday like today. head over to his bandcamp for a free (name your price) download of his first ep lightyears or to this soundcloud to grab the rest of the hideaway ep (also free). orrrr just stream "let go" above and snag the (right click save, link as) download here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

photo | dslr | november twelve

mp3 | mikky ekko | pull me down | ryan hemsworth bootleg

mikky ekko is a name we're not too familiar with around here, but the guy's gotta be doing something right to have tracks produced by clams casino, only to be reworked by ryan hemsworth. if you've been around in recent months, you already know how we feel about both hemsworth and clams respectively. ekko does a stand-up job, delivering solid vocals but hemsworth steals the show, demonstrating a knack for production that sets him apart from an otherwise overly-saturated scene. i tried to not fall in love with this song, and with good reason, but the cut is too clean, with hemsworth cementing his position as one of today's best. stream "pull me down" above and (right click, save link as) download here.

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