Saturday, June 29, 2013

stream | dent may | born too late

the new infectious ditty out of the tirelessly charismatic dent may, "born too late," first showed up on our radar about a week back. since then, the track's proven it has the staying power to persevere beyond the would-be honeymoon phase and we're still diggin it big time. the debut single from august 27's forthcoming warm blanket full-length (via animal collective's paw tracks) is a real charmer with breakdowns funky enough to get a frickin corpse vibin while may's familiarly authentic and refreshing vocal stylings soar above cathartic melodies and relatively subtle brass. it might also be worth mentioning that may wrote, produced and recorded the album himself out of his allegedly haunted victorian home in st augustine, florida. in keeping with this summer theme business, "born too late," is great for an out back evening bbq with the buds and babes.  give it a stream above and throw some cheeseburgers on the grill for us while you're at it.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

mp3 | joey bada$$ | amethyst rockstar featuring kirk knight

the brooklyn born hip hop prodigy joey bada$$ has come up as fast as—if not faster than—any of his contemporaries, yet the emerging superstar has simultaneously managed to remain humble, reflecting upon his roots: "last year, eye was getting used doom beats from youtube. a year later and everything comes back full circle.." the third single released from next month's summer knights ep, "amethyst rockstar," features the same topnotch joey you'd expect and boasts a frickin clean beat from doom, but the real story here—as far as we're concerned—is the exceptional performance of pro era peer, kirk knight. his delivery and flow surpass even that of joey's as the lyricist sends this cut into orbit, through a fiery sun and into another galaxy. hardly an overstatement. be sure to check the stream above and grab the (right click, save link as) download here asap.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

stream | washed out | don't give up

looks like we've got another sweet treat from washed out's august release, paracosm. "don't give up," the second single to hit the web, is another instant summer jam. ernest greene, the gerogia-born mastermind behind the proverbial curtain has been dropping laid-back masterpieces for quite some time now, but the consistency with which he impresses and endears himself to us is unheard of—the guy can do no wrong, producing beautifully cathartic, layered tapestries that gently wind and swirl beneath wonderfully entrancing vocals. if you've followed us for a while, it likely goes without saying that we're more than psyched for the new album. head over to his record label sub pop's site to pre-order the full-length and stream the the new cut above!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

stream | cool ghouls | natural life

admittedly, we're not too familiar with these guys and there's not a whole lot of info floating around just yet but they're out of the bay and seem to be on to something that's more than ideal for the upcoming summer months. for us portland kittens, we're still holding out and confident that the sun will come and stay, one of these days. the twangy, jangly riffs on cool ghouls' "natural life" serve as a perfect driving force for the free-spirit, summer-laden vocals: "i wanna live the natural life, i wanna run with the deer"—a state of mind we're quick to embrace with open arms. burger records released a cassette you can grab over here and in the meantime, stream their breakout single above and head over to their bandcamp to stream and/or buy the self-titled digital full-length!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

mp3 | har mar superstar | lady, you shot me

minnesota born soul-savant and ron jeremy doppelganger sean tillmann or har mar superstar, has been killing it again. "lady, you shot me"—the alleged last words of the late-great sam cooke—is a frickin real dope, sixties-soaked cut we can't seem to drop. with a brass section that would do any motown arrangement proud, heavy-hitting drums and vocals that are steeped in the influence and admiration of an incredible era of r&b talent, it would be hard to do wrong and har mar manages to do it soso right. the fifth full-length out of tillmann, bye bye 17, was released back in april via cult records and despite flying relatively low on the radar, did manage to generate a decent degree of critical and popular acclaim, boasting ten tracks of pure pop-soul bliss. stream the lead single above, grab the (right click, save link as) download here and head over to the artist's site to pick up the full-length! goodnight good morning later.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

stream | washed out | it feels alright

bit of a treat for ya'll tonight: the first single from georgia native ernest greene—also known as washed out. maaaaaybe you've heard of him. his music has become intrinsically bound to that antiquated and ill-suited "chillwave" term that gets thrown around far too often. "it feels alright" has us pretty hot n bothered around here and seems to suggest we've got a lot to be excited for in the impending release of paracosm this september via sub pop records.  there's little-to-no doubt greene's most recent effort will cement it's place amongst this summer's anthems.  as most great artists tend to do, washed out has continued to evolve and while the patented vibe and styling remains, they feel matured and refined—a calculated and subtle departure utilizing the same droney vocals and hypnotic production we've come to know and love. do yourself a hecka dope favor and stream it above!

Monday, June 10, 2013

stream | king khan & the shrines | born to die

for this evening's feature we've got the latest single out of the indomitable king khan & the shrines. "born to die," the first offering from their upcoming full-length idle no more—set for a september 3 release via merge records—is comprised of most the things we love about the band and their slight eccentricities. a winding, jangly, lighthearted yet heavily textured arrangement stands at the forefront while brief interjections from front-man khan work to bind the whole thing together in a form fans will be both familiar and happy with.  we're excited for their triumphant return and suspect you guys are too.  check out the stream above and keep your eyes peeled for new stuff from the rock n rollers soon!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

photo set | dslr | june thirteen

shannon and the clams @ portland's mississippi studios, 6/6/13

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stream | summer twins | forget me

the california sisters chelsea and justine brown are the beach babes behind the delightfully doo-wop duo summer twins. "forget me," the first single to drop from their identically titled forget me ep—released last week via burger records—serves as a pretty good example of what these ladies bring to the table: a jangly, raked guitar riff takes center stage surpassed only by the contagious hooks, harmonies and melodies supplied by the sisters' top-notch vocals. in stark contrast with the lighthearted and all-together jovial instrumentation, the lyrics are borderline depressive, exploring the familiar realms of love and loss. they could sing about an impending apocalypse and we'd still bounce and bob to the sixties-soaked pop gem. stream above and head over to their bandcamp to pick it up!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

stream | wyatt blair | you & i (are just letters in the alphabet)

we're not sure what power pop is, but imagine this has something to do with it. whatever it is, it's an ideal way to get the whiskey-drenched blood flowing on a saturday morning. the new banger out of burger records' wyatt blair surfaced a couple weeks back and has been played a few times since. "you & i" is infectious garage pop brilliance right out of the gate, with crashing, tumbling drums, a rick springfield riff that's irrepressible and perfectly paced buildups, just try and not tap your feetsies and bobble your noggin. banana cream dream, the los angeles based rockers debut full-length hit the streets late last month; as always, be sure to click that album cover over there to head over to their bandcamp and pick it up. happy saturday bebes—let's make it super dope.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

mp3 | james blake | voyeur | bear//face bootleg

belfast's nineteen-year-old producer extraordinaire bear//face dropped his take on james blake's "voyeur" about a month back. we'd been a little blaked out around this time and aside from a listen here or there, the track steadily receded into relative obscurity. last night, i gave it a run through by chance and have since decided it's frickin dope. an already minimal cut is stripped to its bones where haunting, muddy vocals weave throughout winding keys and patiently paced drums only to drop out almost entirely with a build-up at 1:25 that hits as hard as you'd always dreamed. it's cathartic—executed to perfection.  stream that crud above and grab the (left click) download here.  while we're at it, if you're into the bootleg, be sure to snag the aptly titled beat tape mixtape bear//face released last year as well.