Saturday, June 8, 2013

stream | wyatt blair | you & i (are just letters in the alphabet)

we're not sure what power pop is, but imagine this has something to do with it. whatever it is, it's an ideal way to get the whiskey-drenched blood flowing on a saturday morning. the new banger out of burger records' wyatt blair surfaced a couple weeks back and has been played a few times since. "you & i" is infectious garage pop brilliance right out of the gate, with crashing, tumbling drums, a rick springfield riff that's irrepressible and perfectly paced buildups, just try and not tap your feetsies and bobble your noggin. banana cream dream, the los angeles based rockers debut full-length hit the streets late last month; as always, be sure to click that album cover over there to head over to their bandcamp and pick it up. happy saturday bebes—let's make it super dope.