Friday, July 26, 2013

mp3 | the orwells | who needs you

the chicago based upstarts the orwells have rapidly become one of the most prolific rock and roll talents in recent memory, releasing their topnotch other voices ep last month and going straight to work on their upcoming who needs you ep—which is slated for a september 10 release date via canvasback. the first single to hit the web shares the title with the album itself and is immediately recognizable as the floor-stomping rock we've come to love and expect out of the boys. as with the stellar other voices cut from their last release, "who needs you" was also produced by tv on the radio's dave sitek, lending a proper recording but nourishing the unapologetic, straightforward sound that is the orwells. stream above and grab the (right click, save link as) download here.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

stream | ariel pink & jorge elbrecht | hang on to life

about a month back the eccentric, ariel pink—los angeles-based rocker we're all quite familiar with these days—teamed up with jorge elbrecht of violens (and perhaps more obviously, ariel pink's haunted graffiti).  the newly-formed duo put out a collaborative seven-inch via mexican summer with the chilled-out track, "hang on to life," accounting for the entirety of the a-side. admittedly embracing a style with evident and numerous parallels to their former compilations, the cut comes off as lighthearted fun with lofty melodies and harmonies paired with informal yet equally evocative lyrics. the whole process feels natural and results in a jam that's smooth as crud. go ahead and give it a stream above; it does well to melt the woes of the midweek malaise.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

stream | the memories | en espanol

we featured the memories a couple years back, long enough to where it's not worth linking because the formatting has changed rather drastically between now and then. since that time we've had the privilege of hanging out with the guys from the memories and with the the recent release of their second full-length love is the law, it only seemed appropriate to show them some love. the night we spent with the boys was as memorable as any night with your favorite kind, boozed, baked and lighthearted derelicts tends to be—with the addition of some wonderfully choreographed wrestling matches illuminated by trash-fueled firelight as a proverbial cherry on top. their label, burger records, actually sums up the buds and their music quite accurately:

...but most importantly, it’s honest. there’s not a lie to be found in these songs. these songs are the memories.

“all the songs came naturally,” says rikky gage (vocals, rhythm guitar). “kyle [handley] would write the music and i'd write the words. all the lyrics are about things that we know or do,” he says. “all the songs are written from the stuff i got laying around in my memories, fresh and old,” explains gage. band name mystery solved!

stream the first, catchy-as-fuck single "en espanol" above and support the boys via their modest and appropriately ornamented bandcamp.

stream | warm soda | tell me in a whisper

the oakland-based and self-proclaimed "glam," rock n roll band warm soda just dropped their new ep tell me in a whisper early this month, via the italian label goodbye boozy. the first of the two tracks on the album—which shares the same name—is drenched in the kind of candy-sweet pop that's almost too much. almost. a slight divergence from their previous work leaves us with a slower but equally charming rendition of the band's patented style, crooning the type of pop bliss melodies that aggressively latch their hooks in and stay for good. "tell me in a whisper," is a perfect track for a laid-back and beautifully mild sunday afternoon. give it a stream above and be sure to check out more of their crud and show support by way of their bandcamp.

Saturday, July 6, 2013