Tuesday, June 11, 2013

stream | washed out | it feels alright

bit of a treat for ya'll tonight: the first single from georgia native ernest greene—also known as washed out. maaaaaybe you've heard of him. his music has become intrinsically bound to that antiquated and ill-suited "chillwave" term that gets thrown around far too often. "it feels alright" has us pretty hot n bothered around here and seems to suggest we've got a lot to be excited for in the impending release of paracosm this september via sub pop records.  there's little-to-no doubt greene's most recent effort will cement it's place amongst this summer's anthems.  as most great artists tend to do, washed out has continued to evolve and while the patented vibe and styling remains, they feel matured and refined—a calculated and subtle departure utilizing the same droney vocals and hypnotic production we've come to know and love. do yourself a hecka dope favor and stream it above!