Tuesday, June 25, 2013

stream | washed out | don't give up

looks like we've got another sweet treat from washed out's august release, paracosm. "don't give up," the second single to hit the web, is another instant summer jam. ernest greene, the gerogia-born mastermind behind the proverbial curtain has been dropping laid-back masterpieces for quite some time now, but the consistency with which he impresses and endears himself to us is unheard of—the guy can do no wrong, producing beautifully cathartic, layered tapestries that gently wind and swirl beneath wonderfully entrancing vocals. if you've followed us for a while, it likely goes without saying that we're more than psyched for the new album. head over to his record label sub pop's site to pre-order the full-length and stream the the new cut above!

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