Monday, June 24, 2013

stream | cool ghouls | natural life

admittedly, we're not too familiar with these guys and there's not a whole lot of info floating around just yet but they're out of the bay and seem to be on to something that's more than ideal for the upcoming summer months. for us portland kittens, we're still holding out and confident that the sun will come and stay, one of these days. the twangy, jangly riffs on cool ghouls' "natural life" serve as a perfect driving force for the free-spirit, summer-laden vocals: "i wanna live the natural life, i wanna run with the deer"—a state of mind we're quick to embrace with open arms. burger records released a cassette you can grab over here and in the meantime, stream their breakout single above and head over to their bandcamp to stream and/or buy the self-titled digital full-length!