hello, my name is michael. i am a practicing photographer residing in the pacific northwest. my current photographic process operates largely as a topographical study of vernacular landscapes through the exploration and formal consideration of shape, line and color. i am also into music and other crud; thanks for your interest in butyouwould. i may be reached primarily through email: michaeldavidcavanaugh@gmail.com

butyouwould is (still) in development!

turns out art school is a fuckin' drag on the livelihood of blogs.  but summer is [almost] here and like that galvanizing golden sun, we're back!  you guys can expect daily updates and a wealth of new, original content.  thanks for hanging around, we'll make it up to you in the coming months.  and alongside the dreary quietus of winter we will disappear beyond the footlamps once more, like so many lumbering beasts, receding into the enveloping empty vastness that is the system of higher education.

- michael | may 24, 2013

the good news is i've managed the relocation process to my new home in portland, was able to swing pacific northwest college of arts and find a place with some of the best buds in town.  the bad news is i'm busy as fuck and am sans zuri.  and the kicker news is that i will be covering shows, providing concert photos and insights into the best portland has to offer - which is a pretty extensive list these days.  stay tuned and we'll work to keep you guys updated!

- michael | february 1, 2013

being back in school, the amount of time i have to dedicate to butyouwould has taken a dip. i will be continuing to work to feature my photos and the interwebs' best tracks but you guys can expect some hiccups along the way. as always, i appreciate the support and please continue to direct any comments or concerns to me at michaeldavidcavanaugh@gmail.com

- michael | november 5, 2012