Wednesday, May 2, 2012

mp3 // photo | twin shadow | five seconds

keep me dreaming of what i don't know

looks like twin shadow's back. looks like my four hour gymnastics regimen is back. the sound that is only describable as quintessentially eighties has always reminded me of aerobics. it could be because both are ostensibly centered around dance pants and headbands. who's to say. the eighties are inextricably bound to my being and vise versa; it's a mutually parasitic relationship of take and take. i've come to accept and embrace this idea and as such, have no choice but to adore anything twin shadow makes, and i do. their second full length confess is slated for release some time in july and i can already feel its slimy appendages weaving through my tangled heartstrings. this is my curse. download here via gorilla versus bear. it's wednesday and we all need sleep, every last one of us.