Tuesday, November 27, 2012

mp3 | criminal hygiene | blak water

we're not dead, but almost. made it through the better part of being sick and we're back. if there's a positive spin to apply to these long periods of inactivity around here, it's that it allows for the build-up of some killer tracks:

criminal hygiene is hardly a bad way to kick things off. the trio out of south central los angeles was "formed in 2011 over a couple of really good burgers." while it's not the featured track, "immortal eighteens" is real nice as well. be sure to check it out (that is, download it) over at rollo & grady. in the meantime, stream the equally rad "blak water" above and (right click, save link as) download here.

editor's note: while you guys can still expect some downtime this semester, i'll be working to keep this shit updated.  we've got some good stuff lined up. thanks for the support as always yall; happy viewing and listening and crud.