Saturday, January 12, 2013

mp3 | the men | candy

released early last year, the men's most recent lp, open your heart, serves as yet another testament to the bands virtually unparalleled versatility. the brooklyn-based garage-rock buds have tinkered with everything from shoegaze to black metal over the past three years, with their latest effort taking more of a folk direction - and to great effect. from their label's soundcloud:

what makes this band so unique is their ability to synthesize their influences rather than just regurgitate them. on open your heart, the band’s 3rd full length, the ny quartet explore twangy country music, guitar solos, surf-ish riffs, psych, and just about everything in between.

"candy" is easily one of our favorite tracks from their third album. give it a stream above and (right click, save link as) download here via the guys at rollo & grady.