Sunday, May 26, 2013

stream | alela diane | about farewell

it's been a bit of a struggle to consider an approach in properly featuring a song like alela diane's "about farewell." the nevada city, california native and current portland, oregon transplant has created a number of memorable tracks since her first self-released album ten years ago, but this one eclipses and transcends them all. we're tempted to say nothing, as the song speaks for itself, in an irrefutably graceful, delicate and conversely jarring fashion, foregoing superficial pitfalls on a direct route to one's beating core.  everything that could be said of "about farewell" is already conveyed within the song itself, and with a grace and authenticity that'd likely render our words redundant and uninspired by comparison.  it's not as though diane is breaking new ground here and in a lot of ways it's a tired and abused style—it's simply the degree of craftsmanship with which she's so deftly honed a concise and genuine delivery that allows her music to resonate and put her at the forefront of an otherwise congested, boring genre.  maybe we're just crushin'.  "about farewell" is the second single from her upcoming full-length that shares the same name.  give it a stream above.