Monday, May 27, 2013

stream | baths | miasma sky

will wiesenfield, more commonly known as baths, the los angeles-based producer responsible for 2010's top-notch cerulean is poised to drop his second full-length: obsidian.  at the time of this post, the youngster's new album is quite literally moments from its release date and it seems appropriate—almost obligatory—to feature a track from his promising sophomore effort.  "miasma sky" was the first single released from his forthcoming lp, hitting the web about two months ago.  the track employs baths' prevalent falsetto vocals over an intricately weaved and delicately layered tapestry of gentle synths, muddy bass lines and crisp drums.  with any luck, this is old news and simply a reminder to most of you.  if you're into it, be sure to check out obsidian, released tomorrow via one of our most nostalgic labels, anticon.