Thursday, April 21, 2016

photo study | kelly jo | dslr | january fifteen

over a year after its initial creation, the first pass of the series documenting my final days with my aunt is ready to be shared. the study may be viewed by simply clicking here.

this photograph is representative of my last moments with kelly jo.

excerpt from working artist statement: 

• the selected collection of images serve as a reflection of the final three days spent with my aunt. referring to the roots of my own photographic development, the process behind this body of work was largely informed and executed through a snapshot philosophy and aesthetic. this intuitive and straight form of photography was employed to facilitate a practice that was void of the pattern of disconnect i'd found prevalent in years of recent work. moreover, this shift marked a return to a state of intimacy and candidness that had nourished my love for photography as a young artist. it was through this rediscovery of an equally deliberate but far less cynical perspective that i attempted to interpret, mourn and celebrate the narrative weaved by a woman who i have always held in the highest regard.