Monday, April 30, 2012

dslr // january nine // king tuff | sun medallion

all we want, baby, is everything

" artist should never be careful, nor should the audience covet. take the shot! embrace the imperfection. create more music, carelessly. we’ve created something here. king tuff should not be inspected or even listened to with critical ears. cut your ears off. rock & roll is meant to be blasted into your cells, penetrated, and absorbed..." - producer bobby harlow

los angeles' king tuff just missed our march ten a month playlist with "bad thing" and if i were a better man that would probably be corrected. instead, we ignore it entirely starting now. with the release of king tuffs second full length inching closer (may 29), it seems only appropriate to revisit their early work. was dead debuted in 2008 and "sun medallion" is among the album's best. download here via brooklynvegan. its genre and origin specific, its charm, timeless. yea, something stupid like that works just fine.

if you missed it the first time, be sure to get (read: right click, save as these blue words, here) the "bad thing" single while you're at it. get real, it only makes sense. welcome to monday, the single worst idea of all fucking time.