Tuesday, May 1, 2012

mp3 // photo | october nine | washed out | you and i

anytime you feel froggy, jump, said ballard

rummaging through years of photos almost always results in numerous, substantial mood swings. regardless of how desensitized i've become, there's always something that breaks through the smog of empty sentiments and gives what's left of my mind a [sort of] friendly smacking around. at times, one might emerge from the scuffle with a shifted jaw and bleeding smile, others, a fractured face and missing teeth. the point is, either way, we're reminded of what actually means something to us, good or bad. in a time drenched with indifference, it's nice knowing something still gets to me on a level beyond last night's jeopardy.  maybe there is something to art after all. school is still the worst, stay out of school.  

washed out's "you and i" chugged along while i was buried in the photo archive, it fit nicely and i recently realized the lady vocals are performed by chairlift's caroline polachek. she's a real keeper. download "you and i" here and give your tuesdays a chance, they're pretty tite.