Wednesday, January 9, 2013

mp3 | jeremih | fuck u all the time | shlohmo rework

another track via one of la's finest modern producers: henry laufer, also known as shlohmo, released a remix of jeremih's "fuck u all the time" in october of last year.  as a general rule, there's almost no meaning in comparing a remix to the original -- apples and oranges business -- but in this case, we can make an exception.  shlohmo's rework is superior in every way.  there's little room for debate here.  the track employs laufer's quintessential style, developing a methodically textured and layered atmosphere as an ominous backdrop alongside trudging, heavy bass lines and sharp snares.  give it a stream above and don't miss the (right click, save link as) download here. track by way of the indomitable gb.