Tuesday, January 8, 2013

stream | moods | love is real

producer extraordinaire moods dropped "love is real" a few weeks back via his soundcloud.  how it's possible for a cut of this caliber to have slipped past our radar is a goddamn mystery. a terrible, nightmarish mystery. crisp high-hats, clean, jazzy strings and samples that are spot-on, this is the hiphop we grew up on; this is the hiphop we fell in love with. a brief insight into the mind of the man:

i always try to experience new things in life to avoid getting stuck in the same daily pattern, breaking out of that barrier, try to see and discover as much as possible as long as i'm here... wherever i go i'm making sure i have my field recorder with me. that is what you hear in all the intro's. every beat has got a moment i experienced.

do what it takes to get this track. stream above, repeat infinitely.  good morning.