Thursday, May 23, 2013

mp3 | ryan hemsworth | still awake ep

one of our favorite producers to emerge over the last couple years, ryan hemsworth, just released a new (free) ep for you and everyone else:

thank you for downloading this and putting it on your computer laptop iphone palm pilot, whatever, and listening to it while you’re doing stuff in the world. it’s free, so share it with anyone you think would like it. or keep it to yourself. cause it’s for you :) 

while the album marks a subtle departure from his earlier work, it's a perfect fit for the weather and this dreary business we've been working on since yesterday. still awake is a seven track album that ostensibly represents a period of inward reflection and self-exploration in the young artists life and career. deliberate and calculated melodies float weightlessly above the hip-hop rooted bass lines and crisp snares we've come to expect from hemsworth, developing an intricate and endearing soundtrack to a fully realized dreamscape. stream one of our favorites from the album above, (right click, save link as) download it here and head over here to download the entire ep - free! it's still raining and we're still drenched.

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