Friday, May 24, 2013

stream | lightning dust | diamond

it's been a long day and a dreary one, still. as such, we'll keep up with this chilled-out wave we've been riding for the past few nights. jagjaguwar has consistently been at the forefront concerning modern indie labels, fostering talent across various music frontiers and producing artists that generally remain prolific, influential and inspired. the canadian duo known as lightning dust—which is evidently a little pony—created the band as a diversion from their primary work as black mountain, releasing a couple albums a few years back as well as a brand new full-length, fantasy—which is slated to drop on june 25.  exploring a minimal and wonderfully eighties vibe, "diamond" lunges along, employing a mellow pacing and bass-line that's as dirty as it is catchy.  amber webber's vocals gently bounce alongside joshua wells' bare-bones track, forming a docile pop jam that plays perfectly against the sound of incessant rain.  though, we're suckers for everything eighties, you know this.  give their debut single a well-deserved stream above and we'll keep our eyes out for a legit download, as always.